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Salvage Vessel


Construction of the Polly L began in January 1999 [Keith Marine] following years of Amelia's research and development of lift boat technologies for coastal shipwreck salvage.  The Polly L was launched for sea trials in the spring of 2000, to concurrently test both the Polly L's systems, and a huge new excavator designed by MacTaggart, Scott & Co. of Scotland.  In the autumn of 2000 the Polly L was retrofitted with three feet of pontoons for additional lateral stability, and Amelia decided to design our own excavator system.

Since the Polly L's second launch in late 2000, the Polly L's performance has exceeded all expectations.  She was on site more than 200 days in 2001, which is unheard of in this industry.  Traditional salvage vessels have a seasonal operating window, subject to weather, of June through September.  Our lift boat remains on site for extended periods of time.  We have no daily commuting to and from the site, which saves valuable recovery time.

The working platform raised above the ocean swells, provides stable, comfortable accommodations for the ship's crew, archaeological and media consultants, and visitors.  Dive teams can begin dive operations at sunrise and continue until sundown, working in rotating shifts after an excellent night of rest and relaxation within the fully equipped galley and staterooms. 

The Polly L's on board systems set a new standard for the industry.  A ten ton crane on the bow has more than adequate lifting capacity for deeply lodged and heavy objects.  We can concurrently deploy the excavator, and dredge through a sluice box, 24 hours a day.  Our on board facilities for preservation of recoveries are a first in this industry.  Extensive use of hydraulics results in huge savings in fuel consumption.  The Polly L burns 50 to 100 gallons of fuel in a 24 hour day, compared to the voracious 50 to 80 gallons an hour appetite of conventional salvage vessels.  For more in-depth information about our lift boat technologies.

Polly L with her excavator deployed and in operation!

Polly L with her excavator deployed and in operation!