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Amelia Research & Recovery, LLC



Amelia Research & Recovery, LLC believes very strongly in the preservation of historical data as well as protection of the environment.  We believe also that commercial salvage of historical shipwrecks can be accomplished with strict adherence to established archaeological guidelines and thorough reporting procedures.

We believe that the salvage of these wrecks by private enterprise involves the greatest number of people in a fabulous adventure that most secretly dream about, but few actually get to experience.


A one of a kind ship

The Polly L's on board systems set a new standard for the industry.  A ten ton crane on the bow has more than adequate lifting capacity for deeply lodged and heavy objects.  We can concurrently deploy the excavator, and dredge through a sluice box, 24 hours a day.





Doug Pope

Doug Pope is Amelia's Managing Member and is responsible for all company operations. An innovator of advanced treasure hunting systems, under Mr. Pope's leadership, Amelia's Team designed our lift boat, the excavator, and the combined cofferdam and sluice box mining system.  An experienced diver, Mr. Pope has almost 20 years of treasure exploration experience.  Doug is a decorated helicopter pilot, serving in Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm.