Amelia Research & Recovery, LLC


Dive Season


Amelia Research & Recovery, LLC, its investors and the Research Vessel POLLY-L are poised to begin the 2013 dive season, in search of the San Miguel.

Hi, my name is Doug Pope, the Managing Member of Amelia Research & Recovery, LLC (ARR).  I was asked a simple question recently about Treasure Hunting. Why now?

My answer was, why not.  We are inundated every day with constant advertisements about investing in gold and silver.  The price of gold and silver has never been as high as it is currently and the price is expected to go even higher.  It is said that 1/8th of all the gold and silver ever mined is on the bottom of the oceans.  There have been creditable finds of gold and silver coins on the beaches of Amelia Island and Nassau Sound.  Now would be a good time to recover our share.

Based on creditable research, ARR believes that the San Miguel was lost in the waters off Amelia Island, Florida in August of 1715.  We have recently learned of the possible location of two cannon near our search area that could point to a lost Galleon.  Now would be a good time to make an all-out effort to locate the San Miguel.

In past years our industry has had to battle the State of Florida to obtain permits for Treasure Hunting and to retain them.  The attitude of the State seems to have shifted more in our favor.  We now have a workable rule to regulate our exploration permits and lead to an equitable recovery permit.  Now would be a good time to locate the San Miguel and obtain a recovery permit which would all ARR to recover Her Treasure.

We invite you to join us as Amelia Research & Recovery, LLC mounts an all-out effort to locate and recover the SUNKEN TREASURES of the "FIRST COAST".

For information about getting involved in the upcoming dive season and the search for LOST TREASURES off the FIRST COAST, call Doug Pope at 904-838-6619 or visit us at "The Maritime Museum of Amelia Island" at 1335 South 8th Street, Fernandina Beach, Florida.