Amelia Research & Recovery, LLC


2008 Plans


We plan to begin the 2008 season working on the Jupiter Wreck for the first three months and then migrate north as the weather improves.  We plan to work off Amelia Island and possibly work on a project in North Carolina.  Hopefully the fall will find the Polly-L and her crew back at the St. Lucie power plant project.

2008 Summary:

2008 began with the Polly-L at the dock in Fort Pierce, Florida where we were performing much needed chipping and painting on the hull and main deck.  Thanks to help from Clayton Norris, Keith Sonnemann, Lynn Jackson, Spider Simms, Charlie Cristano, Joe Pidgeon and Mike Bozeman we got the Polly-L standing tall.

On January 27, 2008 the Polly-L left the dock and arrived at the Jupiter Inlet at 3:30 pm.  on February 28th, 2008 we hosted the Good Morning America show aboard the Polly-L.  The weather improved enough for us to begin work on Jupiter Wreck on February 8, 2008.  We were unable to work long on this wreck site due to a permit problem between Jupiter Wreck Inc. and the State.  On March 24, 2008 we headed to For Pierce to work on the Unidentified Shipwreck, which is located just south of Fort Pierce.  Due to bad weather and a breakdown of our excavator we were not able to work on the wreck until April 20, 2008.

As the time for the Florida Power & Light Power Plan (FPL) project drew close we headed back to Fort Pierce on May 12, 2008 to prepare for the FPL project.  The FPL project began on May 17, 2008 with the loading of equipment for the concrete cutting phase of the project.  This phase continued until October 6, 2008 when we pulled back into the Fort Pierce dock to put on more equipment for the water intake clean out phase.

Due to extended bad sea conditions we were not able to begin this phase and the project was canceled by FPL on October 30, 2008.  We returned to the Fort Pierce dock and unloaded the equipment.

With this project behind us for this year we will return to Green Cove Springs, Florida to work on the Polly-L.  Once this work is completed we will head for Amelia Island to work on our contract area E-102 and continue the search for the San Miguel and other shipwrecks believe to be in the area.